Gallery MORYTA



2016年9月17日(土) - 10月10日(月)


初日17:00〜 オープニングレセプション
作家在廊日 9/17(土)、18(日)、19(月・祝)

It was many years ago when I first encountered Ryosuke Yasumoto's painting.
A strange town on a deserted seashore, in an empty room a clown drifting from nowhere. Absorbed by the painting I was paralyzed.
The unbearable scenery of isolation that was somehow lonely but warm. A scene that I feel l have encountered in a far away past, drifting like the time between dreams and reality. In the silent room with no sound, a faint wave of boisterous sounds became audible. This were the impressions I had when I first looked at Ryosuke Yasumoto's painting. A heterogeneous and nostalgic world lyrically fused together. It looked so fragile that if I touched it, it would crumble, a memory that will stay with me forever, a mysterious and rare kind of happiness. Once seen it is a sight that can not be forgotten.
At that time I did not know that the artist was hearing impaired. When I saw him speaking with is wife in sign language and learned of this truth, I was touched.
While feeling uneasy, it became clear that his naive sensibility spread to his artistic style. I understood the reality of the artist living in a world with no sound where he appeals to mental images to produce his work.
Like the seashores and townscapes wet by sudden showers, delicate and calm textured strokes that are also common in Shunsuke Matsumoto work. A nostalgic poetic landscape that lures us in.
Ikeda Masuo - painter, woodblock printmaker, illustrator, sculptor, ceramicist, writer, film director, not limited to the fine arts continues to flourish in a variety of arts.
In 1966 at 32 years old won the highest award for printmaking at the Venice Biennale.