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創設25周年 特別企画展 「堀越千秋展ーアーモンドの咲くころ」

Chiaki Horikoshi Exhibition

2015年6月20日(土) - 7月19日(日)
創設25周年 特別企画展 「堀越千秋展ーアーモンドの咲くころ」




画廊香月/ギャラリーモリタ創設25周年 特別企画 第ニ弾は、内外で大活躍の堀越千秋展を開催いたします。



ぜひ、二つの画廊の創設25周年 特別企画展 「堀越千秋展ーアーモンドの咲くころ」を、ご高覧下さいますようお願い申し上げます。



■ 堀越千秋 / Chiaki Horikoshi
1948年 東京生まれ。
「情熱の画家 スペインに生きる~ピカソの魂を訪ねて~」が全国放映。
2014年 スペイン政府よりエンコミエンダ文民功労賞受賞。

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Gallery Kazuki/Gallery MORYTA 25th Anniversary Special Event(Exhibition) Vol.2
Chiaki Horikoshi: When the Almond Blooms (Almond no sakukoro)
/ 6.20(Sat) - 7.15(Sat)


Hope early summer is treating you well.

Gallery Kazuki and Gallery MORYTA are pleased to announce our 25th Anniversary Special Exhibition Vol.2, with works by Chiaki Horikoshi, an artist who is nationally and internationally active and recognized.

Horikoshi says, "The effort or reflection do not create art".

With his wild expression, freewheeling life, and overwhelming presence, he continues to shake up the root of people's soul whenever they come near him. This is the artist: Chiaki Horikoshi.

"Spain is an artistic nation where everyone there carries energy, hot temper, and wildness of Picasso."

"All art resembles the nature of playing, you have to have fun. When you get bored, you simply change direction. Art is essentially impatient, sloppy, and vigorous, and those need to be accompanied by such careful attention."

- Chiaki Horikoshi

Horikoshi is humble, charming, witty, and undoubtedly fair. Many people can naturally sympathize with his way of living.

"When the Almond Blooms" features a new collection of original artworks from ANA Group's in-flight magazine Tsubasano O-koku before 2013, Meikyokuno Tanoshimi- Mozart Sono Ongakuto Shougai, Yomiuri Daily's Evening edition, and more.

What is Kazuki Hitomi?

I was hearing a lot about her from a poet, Mr. Ogawa (Hideharu). When he says something or somebody is interesting it really is, so I was looking forward to meeting her.

And one day, an opportunity came at Seibu Line Higashi Fushimi Station. As Mr. Ogawa said, "Ah, here she comes," I looked over where his finger was pointed, and saw something that was wrapped in a blackish old rag slowly approaching us. And then "it" said something like 'uh..uh..uh..uh'.

So Hitomi (her name is written in Kanji characters meaning "person-beautiful") did not appear in front of me as a beautiful person initially. Then we rode off in the car together somewhere; I think it was to a hot spring. In the car, Hitomi Kazuki was a reserved woman. Though I, like a detective, instinctively knew that she was not just keeping quiet.

Well, she still is a very quiet person. Quiet like a straw that is placed in a glass of ice cream soda. Like how it turns round and round from time to time and mixes the soda and ice-cream. And then, it sips up the green soda without making any sound.

However everyone. Soda boils, ice-cream explodes, and glass shatters. WHY??

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